Church Membership

At the end of our worship services we do not have an alter call as is customary in church. If you are interested in joining our fellowship you simply need to talk with the pastor and she will announce at the end of the worship service your intentions to join and if you are coming on the promise of a letter from a previous church membership or by request of Baptism.  The church will then affirm your decision. 

Intentionally Inclusive

Here at Providence we not only profess but practice the belief in the Priesthood of ALL Believers.  When you join us for worship you will find that our service is filled with readings and prayers offered by many members.  Women, children and men from a diverse background are welcome to not only worship with us but to also offer their gifts, talents, and other offerings to the worship service.  If you would like to offer a reading or prayer during our worship service please see Melissa or Glenn so that you too can be added to the bulletin. If you want to offer a solo or other musical gift please see Melissa or Beth.

Sunday Night Worship

We recognize the need that families have for time together and that Sunday afternoons are often the only time they have that isn’t filled with responsibilities and other demands; therefore we do not have services on Sunday night. Families can spend time resting and fellowshipping with each other.     

Offering Plates

During our worship services we do not pass a collection plate but we do have one available if you want to drop a tithe in before or after the service. 

Missionary Moment

Every week our Missions Coordinator, Dr. Joyce Glover, shares with us during the worship service about CBF field personnel in the United States and around the world. She shares their stories, pictures, and prayer requests.  Caroline Glover shares the names of those field personnel who are having birthdays that week.


Missions have always been near and dear to the hearts of those at Providence.  They have partnered with field personnel in Thailand and with our neighbors in Cumberland County at Neverfail Community Church.  The first Sunday of every month, members bring in donations for Helping Hands of Putnam Co. 


We are currently supporting the work of Missy Ward Angalla in Uganda.  She is the Refugee Women's Advocacy Coordinator at Refuge and Hope International, a place where refugee women are finding safety and renewal.