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On May 15, 1996 a small group of concerned Baptists met at the home of Roger and Gayle Haggard to talk and pray about beginning a new church in Cookeville for free and faithful Baptists.  Providence Baptist had its first worship service August 11th at the TTU Baptist Student Union, 106 West Seventh Street, and signed its Charter document, organizing as a new church with 10 members. Its Constitution was approved a few days later on August 14, 1996. The next week Providence Baptist moved its worship services to the Alumni Lounge at Tennessee Technological University. 1997 brought many exciting events.  In January Providence moved its worship services to space rented from the Education Center of Cookeville Hospital at 36 West Broad St. and March 30th  Providence Baptist enthusiastically welcomed Rev. Marshall Gupton as our very first pastor.  We later moved to the former WHUB building on Spring Street, then to Bangham Community Center.  Finally we found a more permanent home at 37 W. Broad Street in 2000.  After Rev. Gupton, our second pastor was Dr. James Rennell.  Rev. Melissa Roysdon joined our congregation, first as a member, then as a song leader, then assistant pastor, the co-pastor, and with Dr. Rennell's retirement, she became our third pastor.  With each challenge we have encountered, we became stronger in our faith. We invite you to become a part of the church today and a piece of its history tomorrow.